• Electric slack puller for uphill and downhill operations
  • Using a high power capacitor as energy storage
  • Jacks from different manufacturers can be used (Koller, Stuefer, Wyssen)
  • Wear-free, shock-resistant, Insensitive to cold, no fire hazard
  • High spooling force with low rope wear
  • No restrictions on maximum tilt position while pulling
  • Mainline outlet angle of 125 ° allows trouble-free operation even with low skyline
  • Pre-lowering the load while driving
  • Energy storage is charged when pulling
  • Emergency clamping by radio and cable break protection
  • Strong derailing protection
  • Unlimited spout length
  • No diesel engine and therefore very quiet
  • Drive with 2 pulleys


Skyline Ø 5/8“-3/4” | Ø 15-19 mm
Mainline Ø 3/8”-7/16” | Ø 9-10 mm
Weight approx. 1322 lbs | 600 kg
Payload approx. 2,0 t

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