K 300-H

K 300-H

nuraussereuropaeisch ENThe K 300-H is a yarder for uphill logging with an optional haulbackline drum (K303H). Also for downhill logging and for flat terrain. It assures easy
handling, reliable and rugged design, as well as very short set up and dismantling times.


Skyline 44 kN
Mainline 18 kN
Haulbackline 18 kN
Line capacity Standard Alternativ
Skyline 500 m Ø 14 mm swaged 420 m Ø 15 mm swaged
Mainline 550 m Ø 8 mm swaged 450 m Ø 9 mm swaged
Haulbackline 980 m Ø 9 mm 800 mm Ø 10 mm
Guyline 3x30 m Ø 16 mm / 2x10 m

4x30 m Ø 16 mm / 2x10 m

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