KX 304

KX 304

The KX 304 is an excavator-based yarder for uphill as well as for downhill operations with an optional strawline. It is mainly used for thinning and pre-use but can also be used in end use.The set up time is very short because no guylines are necessary.


Skyline 72 kN
Mainline 30 kN
Haulbackline 30 kN
Line capacity Standard Alternative
Skyline 680 m Ø 18 mm swaged -
Mainline 1830 m Ø 9 mm swaged 1458 m Ø 10mm swaged
Haulbackline 1830 m Ø 9 mm swaged 1458 m Ø 10mm swaged
Guyline 1900 m Ø 6 mm -

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