K 507-GH

K 507-GH

Button Spitznamen 06 ENThe K 507-GH is a strong mountain harvester for uphill and downhill as well as for flat terrain. It is mainly used for pre- & end use. The device has two
equal working winches, which can be combined with each other in the working mode.


Skyline 120 kN
Wrinch 1+2 30 kN
Line Capacity Standard Alternative
Skyline 1000 m Ø 20 mm swaged 800 m Ø 22 mm swaged
Wrinch 1+2 1350 m Ø 12 mm swaged 1600 m Ø 11 mm swaged
or 1700 m Ø 11 mm as HBL
Strawline 1.800 m Ø 6 mm -
Guyline 4x75 m Ø 20 mm / 2x15 m


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K 507 Product catalog


K 507-GH at work


K 507 with MSK-3 doing uphill logging (recorded 2005, Brixental / Tyrol).

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